How To Exercise Your Samoyed: A Quick Guide

Samoyeds are very active, playful dogs who need a lot of exercise. To stop them from getting bored they need plenty to do throughout the day.Although Samoyeds don’t need as much space as other dogs, exercise is a must for this arctic sled pulling breed. An important factor to consider when planning to own a Samoyed is that this breed is highly active.

As mentioned above, Samoyeds are a very active, playful dogs who need a lot of exercise. To deter them from becoming destructive, owners MUST provide plenty of exercise throughout the day. The amount of exercise I would recommend is a minimum of two hours every day over two different sessions. This is the number 1 reason why Samoyed breeders ask potential owners if they have a fenced yard and why apartment living is not best for a Samoyed. There are many ways that you can exercise your dog, and I will share a couple of ideas which work well for Samoyeds.

Walk, jog and run

The first easy exercise that you can train your dog for is a walking or hiking. Keep the walks short for approximately 20 minutes and then increase the time gradually. Once your dog is comfortable with walking, try changing the routine by jogging or running with them. Make sure that they walk for good 45 to 60 minutes a day if they are not doing any other physical activity. If mobility is an issue, ride a bike while your Sammie jogs next to you. Provide them with plenty of water and protect their paws with a Musher’s cream.

Nose work games

The fun sport of nose games is popular among the dog owners to help their dogs develop and enhance their scent smelling abilities. It stimulates their mental abilities, along with keeping them physically active. You can keep treats in the little boxes and leave a scent trail to the boxes. If your Samoyed is very good at it, they can even earn titles in scent work with the American Kennel Club (AKC).


Samoyeds are lovable and it is effortless and convenient to make them burn those calories. They are a working breed by nature, so owners do not need to put much effort into exercising their Sammies. Just find new ways to keep them motivated as they can also get bored with similar exercises just like us humans do.

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