About Us

About Us

How It Began

Imperial Samoyeds was established 2019. We came across the Samoyed breed by accident, when we were looking for cute dogs that had great temperaments and were a good fit for families. We loved the majestic look of the Samoyed breed and decided that we wanted produce beautiful and healthy Samoyeds for ourselves. In 2022, we won the People’s Choice award at the Samoyed Club of America and eventually in 2023 we became members of SCA.

About Us

The Foundation of Imperial Samoyeds

We decided to purchase our foundation dogs, Am.GCH /INDO.CH/INT.CH/ CN.CH Mo Wang Jia Zu Allang AOM (Dabao), the son of the subsequent Stud Dog World Winner (WDS 2019) and Imperial Samoyed’s Mango, from the White Magic line.

Dabao stole the hearts of the judges in the AKC and became the first Chinese bred Stud dog Samoyed to reach Grand champion and is currently the record holder for the fastest to obtain the title in Samoyed history(AKC).

Imperial Samoyed’s Mango went on to take part in Skijoring and obedience in China and is able to listen to all commands from a distance, which can be very difficult to do with Samoyeds.

Our Samoyed

Samoyed Characteristics

The Samoyed is alert, expressive, intelligent, full of action and affectionate. Joy is shown by the sparkle in their eyes and the mouth curving upward at the corners forming the well known “Samoyed Smile”. They have dark eyes, eye rims, lips and noses, and the Samoyed colors range from brown or liver shadings to black. Here at Imperial Samoyeds, we much prefer the black pigment on our noses, and work hard to only breed with dogs that conform to our pigment standards.

Our Samoyed puppies and dogs are all home raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, overlooking the beautiful Lake Massasoit. Our dogs have lots of room to run and play at the local dog park and the puppies have their own play kennel at our site. All of our dogs are treated the same and a lot of attention and care is provided daily.

Imperial Specialists

Meet The Specialists

Founder & Owner

Zhang Wen Juan

The founder, huge Samoyed enthusiast and dog groomer established Imperial Samoyeds in 2019, when she decided she wanted to have a dog that was beautiful but also caring towards children. She quickly learned that she couldn’t just have one, so we decided to buy Mo Wang Jia Zu Allang (Dabao) from a very well known breeder in China. She was given great advice on what products to use when grooming and started her own grooming salon, focusing on helping local community dog owners. Her ultimate goal is to be a member of the Samoyed Club of America and build strong relationships with like-minded people.

Show Specialist

Laura Bush

AKC judges mentor and professional groomer has been competing in the dog show sport for over 20 years. Providing her own advertising and preparation for the conformation ring, she managed to rank her dogs in the top 10. She loves to study pedigrees and is always trying to better the Samoyed breed.